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Frequently asked questions

What is Mbog Invest Inc?

Mbog Invest Inc, is a business club that offer opportunity to its members to become investors and buy or sell u.s stocks as they wish.

How does it work ?

It takes few easy steps :

1- Register (open Accoun) to become a member

2- Participate to a traning seminar

3- pay your annual membership fee ?

4- Start investing

How to become a Member ?

Start by opening a new account on our main page.

Once we have received your details, we will ask you to send us some official documents , like the applicatio form, ID, official business documents, etc....

We only accept professionals, business men (individual account) and companies (business)

What is the minimum investment needed ?

We set the minimum investment to $ 2000 per buying order.

How does the buy/sell stocks process work ?

On the menu click on "Stocks" then place your buy or sell order. you can give details about the name of the stock, the quantity needed

How do i pay to buy a stock ?

1- We will send you a quotation for the requested buy order

2- you will have to confirm the purchase

3- we will issu an invoice with details to pay directly to our u.s bank account

4- we will buy the stocks and send you a confirmation notification

How do i get paid when i sell my stcoks ?

Same as your buy order, we will send you a selling quote for you to confirm. once it's done, we will ask you to confirm your bank account details.

1- we sell your stocks

2- we transfert money into your account (charges may apply)

3- we send a notification for your records

P.S: Please not that we can only wire money to a bank account that has your name.

Which stocks can i buy ?

we are not an investment adviser firm, so we cannot advice any member an the buy/sell stock choice.

But we offer the opportunity to buy/sell any U.S stock out there than you want.

The decision to choose, buy or sell a stock is up to you.

How long will a buy/sell stocks process take ?

Normally, we try our best to be as fast as prossible while proceeding orders.

Please always allow 3 to 5 business days to complete any order.

What is the membership pricing ?

Individual account annual fee: $ 2000

Business account annual fee: $ 3000

Proceding fee for any sell order: 10% of transaction

What is the business continuity guarantee ?

we are a u.s based company, registered in the state of Delaware. with our main office there.

we keep digital and paper records of all our transactions. Our broker is 100% insured and licensed by u.s federal law.

we work with one of the best bookkeeping solution to keep track of all our members records.

Not only our business is managed online, but we keep back-up team available at each sensitive posotion of our business, to assure easy business continuity in case

Is Mbog Invest a legal business ?

Yes, we are a legal registered Company with the state of Delaware, United States of America.

Is there a limit on investment ?

There is no limit on investments, however we encourage our members to keep in mind that no investment in stocks is guaranteed.

Therefore it will be smarter to invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

Do you offer stocks searching ?

We can offer stocks searching based on your criterias. if you want us to screen stocks on your behalf, please click on the "support' page, and select the criterias that you want, give us as much details as you can. Once we are done, we will send you a list of stocks that match your needs. But we are not a stock broker or financial adviser, meaning we don't offer any advice on stock buy/sell process.

Do you offer any financial statement ?

No, we are not a financial institution , but a business club. We can onlu issu a summary of your transactions. We don't keep your money in our bank account for buy or sell stock process. If you would like to request a transaction summary, please go to the "support" page.

What is the Member's page for ?

We have added a member's page to allow our members to connect. The member's page will help you meet , follow, exchange with other members. We hope that all our members will behave themselves in a responsible way while using that page.

What about my bank account details ?

To avoid money laundring, we will only allow you to use one and only bank account for buy/sell stock operations. you will have to use the same bank account to buy stocks, and that same bank account will be were your money will be wired when you sell your stocks, We will not accept third party bank account for buy/sell stocks transactions on your behalf. If this condition is not respected, we can decide to close your account any time.

What about tax ?

In fact, the American federal government levies taxes on your winnings. But we have automated the principle with our partners to make your task easier. when we sell your shares, we are responsible for paying your taxes if necessary so that your money transferred to your account is already free of any taxation.

Do you offer training seminars for investors ?

Yes. we offer training seminars for investors from time to time in partnership with qualified financial experts and advisers on various subjects. If you are interested, consult the Events page and register for our next seminar.

Can I obtain a stock certificate for my records ?

A $500 is assessed for each certificate delivered. An additional $500 fee may be charged for securities eligible but not participating in the Direct Registration System (DRS) Please allow approximately four to six weeks for the transfer agent to generate and deliver the certificate. Securities that are DRS eligible will be sent to the transfert agent. There is no fee for a DRS transfer out. Please note, some stock issuers no longer provide certificates.