Thank you for visiting  our partner's page.

We are happy to have you join our team of patners. We have developped this platform with you in mind, because we know that alone we can can not achieve what we can achieve together. Our partner program helps you monetize the time you are spending on internet and social networks. Please read down here how we can pay you for referring people to our site.

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Your Earnings

To participate in our Partner's Program, you need to:

1- Create a Partner Account

2- Select marketing materials to share on your social networks

3- Convert prospects to clients and start making money (you will also receive a unique coupon of 3% to share with your prospects, it allows them to have a reduction of 3% on any purchase they make on our site)

You can earn money in 3 different ways:

1- A prospect clicks on a banner/flyer you posted on facebook, instagram, tweeter etc.. and books a plan on our website.

2- A prospect clicks on our banner/flyer you posted on social medias and purchases a product on our E-boutique.

3- You can register your student directly by opening your partner link on your phone or laptop and entering their data and payment.

Services                                          Montant                            Commission                 Salaire       

Soutien Scolaire (semaine)            3500 FCFA                            7%                            245 Fcfa

Soutien Scolaire (Mois)                 10.000 FCFA                          7%                            700 Fcfa

Sourien Scolaire (Annee)              55.000 FCFA                          7%                            3800 Fcfa

E-Boutique                                    -------------                               7%                            --------------



We process payments every 15th of the month. We only pay amounts from 35.000 FCFA and up.

If you don't have a paypal account, we can make arrangement to pay you via mobile Money.

(237) 679 22 37 35