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Visa Business Explorer

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What is It?

Visa Business Explorer is a program that  allow entrepreneurs to visit Europe for a periode of 1 month and participate to Investors meetings to seek funding.

What is the Reason For The guarantee ?

Our Visa Business Explorer  is important for those young business people who are victims of irresponsible behavior of others. We think that it's important to make a difference between those who are really trying to move forward with those who are only looking for easy ways.

Do you Assist Student Visa ?

No, unfortunately we are a business club, meaning we only deal with business people and not with students.

Who Is Concern ?

Our Visa Business Explorer  is meant to assist any business man that is willing to travel abroad for business reason.

We help entrepreneur to participat to investors conferences/meetings to seek finances for their business.

Does The Guarantee Replace the Visa Application ?

Not at all, The guarantee is only a tool that will support you, but you have to provide all required documents to the consulate prior your interview.

How Can I Contact You To Obtain A Guarantee ?

We work on a membership base... this service is exclusively available to our members.

To become a member, please contact our secretary at:

Which Countries Are Covered

Our Visa Business Explorer  covers most countries like USA, Canada, Europe , Asia and Africa as well.

Our Memorandum has been sent to many consulates in Cameroon.

What Makes Your Guarantee an Important tool ?

Our guarantee covers your travel plan including all details, Your profile as business man, penalty fees if you fail to return on a due date and the possibility to arrest you and bring you back to face the consequences.

We have conceive our guarantee by taking into account 95% of the reasons of visa denial...which makes it a good option to support your visa application.

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