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What is It?

The business visa guarantee is a combination of tools that can support your business visa application and help you to obtain your visa easily.

What is the Reason For The guarantee ?

Our guarantee is important for those young business people who are victims of irresponsible behavior of others. We think that it's important to make a difference between those who are really trying to move forward with those who are only looking for easy ways.

Do you Assist Student Visa ?

No, unfortunately we are a business club, meaning we only deal with business people and not with students.

Who Is Concern ?

Our guarantee is meant to assist any business man that is willing to travel abroad for business reason and wants to add guarantee to his application.

Does The Guarantee Replace the Visa Application ?

Not at all, The guarantee is only a tool that will support you, but you have to provide all required documents to the consulate prior your interview.

How Can I Contact You To Obtain A Guarantee ?

Please book a consultation few weeks before you apply for your visa by filling in the for below or placing a call at : (237) 679223735 or by email:

Which Countries Are Covered

Our guarantee covers most countries like USA, Canada, Europe , Asia and Africa as well.

Our Memorandum has been sent to many consulates in Cameroon.

What Makes Your Guarantee an Important tool ?

Our guarantee covers your travel plan including all details, Your profile as business man, penalty fees if you fail to return on a due date and the possibility to arrest you and bring you back to face the consequences.

We have conceive our guarantee by taking into account 95% of the reasons of visa denial...which makes it a good option to support your visa application.

How can we help?

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

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