Our Mission: To promote African culture and arts in different ways. we explore many fields as long as the outcoume is to promote and value African culture.

Our Strategy: To be efficient and more productive, we join forces with local associations and organizations in Cameroon.We provide training , tools and fundraising plateform to help local organizations be efficient.by supporting us you are supporting thousands of peoples that cannot voice their needs to your ears.

Donors Award : We always show appreciation to our donors in one way or another depending of the type of the project, to allow them to have a taste of their kindness and to encourage them for future projects.


This promotional video for the fundraising on behalf of the projet : SAVE THE BASSA'S MOTHER TONGUE.

The project consist on producing about 100 videos of cartoons, movies and documentaries to easily help the 3 Millions kids of the bassa tribe to learn their mother tongue.

The studies are clear on the subject, students that speak and understand their mother tongue are more likely to do great in school than those who don't. they even do better when they can study in their mother tongue.


by helping this project you are helping them to reconnect with a piece of the culture and to get back their human identity and pride. we hope to start posting produced videos on our website for free downloads by january 2021.

We need about $100k to run this project smothly.

Thank you for your support.


                                                                                                                        Project Summary Sheet


We are now accepting applications from associations and non for profit organizations that will like to raise up money for social causes and projects.