- Are you young, intelligent and dynamic?

- Do you want to visit the cities of the world by working freely online, from your hotel room, a park or a mall?

- You have easy contact and you can prospect customers all over the world and take the opportunity to visit other countries?


ROLEX CLUB by MBOG INVEST, Inc is currently recruiting business partners to expand internationally and invites you to participate in a training workshop that introduces you to the benefits of our network of business opportunities.

You choose :


Business partner for luxury jewelry and accessories: Prospect customers around the world who wish to acquire or sell Swiss watches, jewelry and original bags (in 2nd hand)


Business partner for bank guarantees: Prospect import/export companies and SMEs who wish to import machines to increase their productivity and who have financial difficulties and limited cash flow to offer them our LC and SBLC services issued by 1st order banks in Europe and U.S.

Long-term investment partner: Prospect VIPs and companies around the world who wish to acquire shares in companies listed on the U.S.

Sports Scout Partner: Prospect young sport talents in football and basketball that will like to take part to trials abroad that are organized by our affiliates.


How it works ?

You find the client, we provide the service and we share the commissions.

What do we put at your disposal?

Fast and effective training to help you get started, a permanent secretariat equipped with dedicated spaces to receive your customers, 1 year membership at Hilton/Meridien Hotel, 2 weeks internship in Dubai (all included: air ticket, hotel, food, visa) A business Club in Bastos, multiple networking events, we provide background service, business visa assistance and accommodation during your prospecting at the outside, a commission worthy of your efforts.


Which countries are covered by our network?

For accommodation, our network offers quality hotels at reduced prices all over the world. For business and tourist visas: Turkey, UAE, Australia, Argentina, France, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Singapore, Romania, India, Albania, Bahrain, Iran, Pakistan, Macau, Uzbekistan and others….


How to participate ?

Anyone wishing to participate in our workshop (Participation fees: 50.000 Frs) to better understand our offer is kindly requested to reserve their place by calling on the phone from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m, or send your name and contact by email

Phone: (237) 679 22 37 35


We are a Business Club, meaning our members/partners are mostly young entrepreneurs that will like to join an international group instead of starting from crash, investing and working solo.

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