African Video Games

We offer educational tools to all young African students that will like to learn the art of designing video games.


we financially support all 2D, 3D video games projects that focus on African's past present and future culture and history.


Movie & Documentary translated in Basaa 

We encourage initiatives that are meant to translate common movies and documentaries in basaa language for educational purposes.


It will allow our youth to easily learn Basaa language faster, and avoid it to desapear in this very competitive world. 

SYSAT - Members Only

We support the Summer Youth Sport &Art trials that allow young African talent to showcase in front of North America College's coaches and recruiters for potential sport scholarship.

P.S: (Only our Members can sponsors participants) 

we are a u.s based Company registered with the state of Delaware. An online investor’s business club that focuses its target on  investors in developing countries, where U.S stocks market investment opportunities are still not available.

We operates as foreign Broker under Rule 15a-6(a)(4) of Securities and Exchange Commission.

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