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Issues of non-refundable accommodation cost is now a thing of the past. We provide our customers with more competitive rates

Bests Deals Ever !

Step 1:

Open this page on your mobile phone and use the quick search bar to choose the city, the dates and the hotel you will like to stay in.

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What to do ?

Use your mobile phone to select  your hotel, then copy and send us details by clicking on the whatsapp link down on the right. we will contact you back with the best possible deal.

very easy and friendly way !

Step 2:

Send us all your details via the whatsapp link that is shown on the down right side of our page on your phone.

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We Care

This might sound a bit generic, but that's practically what we love for. Whether you are looking to get an occupant for your vacant hotel room, or you are looking for affordable hotel deals, Have My Room acts as a bridge that connects you both

Amazing keep-in-touch service. Thanks !

Step 3:

Wait for us to contact you back with the best deal on your hotel choice or a better one. make you payment via paypal and get your vouconfirmation.

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we are a u.s based Company registered with the state of Delaware. An online investor’s business club that focuses its target on  investors in developing countries, where U.S stocks market investment opportunities are still not available.

We operates as foreign Broker under Rule 15a-6(a)(4) of Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Fax: 1 866-468-4536

E-mail: info@mboginvest.com 

Disclaimer: Our investment broker services are not available for U.S residents and should not be considered as a sollicitation of any kind in any country where we are not legally authorized to do business.

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